Demise via Kidnapping :(

Never been a blogger, always been a dancer. But I’ll give it a shot 🙂IMG_9034



5 thoughts on “Demise via Kidnapping :(

  1. Hi Francesca – nice work!

    What did you decide for your portfolio?

    Looks like maybe you’ve decided to have 2 websites? WordPress for Art110 and Wix for Dance portfolio? Or?

    LMK if I can help with anything.

    I hope to see you incorporating dance into your Art110 projects!

    Or perhaps you’d like to do a Dance/Art project instead of something on our schedule? Or collaborate with some, for example, Film & Electronic Arts peeps in class on something? Sadly, the deadline for Dance Camera West submissions is today, so unless you already submitted something (did you?? 🙂 it’s too late to produce for that for this year, but it’d be great if you want to find other festivals or projects. I hope Art110 is “fun” for you, but I’d love to also see it be “useful” with your work Francesca!


    1. Yes I decided to separate them, but I do want to incorporate more dance here. I’m am currently working on putting together various performance reels, perhaps I can upload one of those. I actually just collaborated for a submission for that festival. My friend choreographed a really unusual solo on me with a live saxophone player, where I was tangled in a web of strings, maybe I’ll incorporate that somewhere too! When I get going on my Wix site I can maybe attach a link in here somewhere. Thank you so much, I’m loving the class!


  2. PS: I looked up several “Wix vs WordPress” comparisons… but unfortunately what I found out is that while they all “pretend” to be impartial and offer “honest” comparisons, some of them miraculously find Wix to be better in almost every way… and others find WordPress to be better in almost every way… basically they’re all BS / PR. I couldn’t actually find a truly neutral comparison! 😛


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