Wk 14- Art Experience Feedback

My favorite art activity of the semester was Sketching in the Garden because it was the art experience that helped me the most in my personal life. I have been needing a break in my life to be alone in nature for an hour or so (don’t we all), and this activity finally gave me the opportunity.

My second favorite art activity was Landscape with a corpse because I loved the outcome of my experience. My best friend and I were able to spend quality time doing something artistic, which she really loves but rarely gets the opportunity to. I also found it to be just a really unique idea that I went full out with!

My third favorite art activity was Plaster Casting. Though my plaster casting was a total disaster I had an absolute blast going to the beach with a close friend and attempting an art project.

I loved these three activities the most because they all involved doing things I wish I did more but neglect because of the business of life

My least favorite activity was group video project because it was incredibly stressful and I ended up not putting any on my heart into it because of the required guidelines and restrictions that I must do it with students from the class. Had I been able to do it on my own time I think I would have learned and gain much more.

I did not have more than one least favorite activity 🙂



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