Wk 6- Photo Walk- Anthony Sanchez

I chose to take the guided photo walk led by Anthony Sanchez. He proved to be a very good choice! I appreciated that our group was slightly smaller and therefore more intimate. We were encouraged to focus our photography on anything that inspired us. Had it not been creepy to take pictures of people, I might have done that, so instead I mainly took photos of nature. I am very pleased with the result of my photos. I greatly enjoyed this art experiment because I was able to find more confidence I’m my photography skills!


Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Kristi Jensen in a student here at CSULB, who is about to graduate from the art department. Her art was exhibited in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Jensen’s exhibition pieces consisted primarily of jewelry and metal work. Her work can be viewed at Whipperton or follow her on Instagram Whipperton. 

 Jensen is about to graduate from CSULB and is interested in finding a way to create art for a living. She hopes to be able to incorporate what she has learned here at CSULB and use it to make money. Her work does not have consistent ideas it explores however she enjoys trying new things and making discovering through self teaching. 

She originally began as sculpture major, but soon came to find it was not a good fit.She absolutely loves to make pieces in the medium of metals. She is fascinated by its malleability. Her work generally does not have titles. Even in here exhibition at CSULB many of her titles were “untitled 1, 2…” and so on. This aspect of her work is one that she hopes to look further into and develop. Jensen would like to work on thinking about the whole process of her work in order to develop her ability in naming her pieces. Jensen has been working with metals now for 2 years. Each project takes approximately three weeks for her to completely. 

Jensen’s inspiration for metal work came from her grandfather whom she use to watch fix tv’s. She found the whole process enthralling and recurrently sees how it comes back into her work. Her work does not convey specific messages. She says part of why she enjoys metal work is because it is “badass to work with fire”. She is driven primarily by the process itself and not an external emotion or meaning. I see this expected incorporated into her pieces. I found it interesting that she expressed the fact that she rarely if ever, wears her own jewelry she makes, but absolutely loves the creative process.   



Dance as a Manifestation of Nature

Artist Statement:

I have a hunger to perform work that relies on me collaboratively, pushes me imaginatively, and creatively challenges me to divulge these innate desires in a truly authentic way. Through my performance work, I am inspired by the extraordinary intersection where the power of the imagination kinesthetically comes to life on a body or stage. In a world that is progressively becoming denatured, I as an artist I have the duty and desire to bring nature into everyday life through physicalizing our most humanistic temperaments. The propelling backbone to my performance work is my indefatigable curiosity to find the most articulate method to execute movement while advocating the power dance has to bring nature and bliss into pedestrian life.

Here is a link to a piece Titled Biophony choreographed by Alonzo King. This piece embodies everything I find true, and when I saw it performed live it brought me to tears.



Wk 5- Art Experiment- Cuisine

I am an absolutely horrible cook, however my boyfriend is a incredible baker. I told him about this project and he helped me come up with a really fun idea. He bakes these scones that I absolutely adore and because of Valentines day he finally gave in to teaching me how to make them. In lieu of this project together we baked a giant scone in the shape of a heart and it was delicious! IMG_1884

Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Cheryl Peng

Cheryl Peng is from Hacienda heights. She is a first year here at CSULB and is living in Parkside P dorms.

Cheryl is majoring in communications. She enjoys lounging around, hiking, shopping and hanging out with friends. Cheryl has one older sister.

Her favorite food is a good old burger and fries. Her favorite TV show is currently the Walking Dead, and her music tastes consisted of whatever is mainstream on the radio.  IMG_1952.jpg

Wk 4- Art Experiment- Graffiti

I had a blast with this art experiment. I had the spray paint for a while before I found my inspiration to paint on. I was waiting out side the dance department when I saw what screamed out to me, was a platform for a family crest of sorts. I loved the circular shape of the piece of wood I saw laying a few feet away. I picked it up and brought it over to my friends. They thought I was crazy when I began spray painting it blue. The truth is it was the rim of a trash can… but that’s beside the point 🙂

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

17_1000February 11th 2016 Samuel Jernigan presented an exhibition of his work. The exhibition took place in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, in the CSULB School of Art. He works primarily in the medium of ceramics. To enjoy some of his incredible works, visit SamuelJernigan. Or his Instagram account Samuel_Jenri.

Samuel is part of the graduate program at CSULB. Samuel is originally from central California. He initially became involved in ceramics through a ceramics props and production company. Much of his art work is inspired by toys.

Samuel’s work has a childlike nature to it, because of the inspiration from toys. Like many toys, his work is colorful and rounded. Some of the pieces are sharper, such as the works inspired by toy shovels, but they still resonate with the audience in a childlike manner because of the way they are crafted.

The exhibition is placidly colorful. His work contains a maturity that is contrasted by the naive toys. Samuel explores the ideas of sophistication verses sentimentality. His unique choice to create work inspired by toys helps the audience transcend the observation process, and take him or her to a personal and almost nostalgic place.

Samuel’s work deeply resonated with me, however not in a conventional way. I attended a Waldorf School for all of my childhood. In this type of education toys are very unique. Rarely did I play with toys such as the ones Samuel used for inspiration. I typically played within my imagination or created my own toys from materials I gathered. In this way Samuel’s work reminded me of a childhood I knew little of, but I was still able to draw on the feelings of jealousy towards such toys, I experienced in my childhood.

Wk 4-Classmate Conversation-Ngozi Ekwedike

Ngozi is a freshman here at CSULB. She is living in the off campus dorms and loves it. She has made a great group of friends that are all very similar to one another. She is a psychology major, and finds it very interesting. She is originally from Sacramento, and has three sisters. Ngozi misses her dog Sierra a lot, and hopes that when she eventually moves out of the dorms she can bring Sierra to Long Beach with her.  IMG_1867

Artist Talk #1

This is a piece by Zach Ramirez, he is an art education major here at CSULB. His piece does not have one exact meaning that he would like his audience to arrive to. He enjoys making work that is open ended, but which address the issues of city life. He is interested in the various interpretations the public can have on his art work. IMG_1679