Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Kyle Shishido

Kyle Shishido is from Torrence California. He is currently a freshman at CSULB living in the beach side dorms. He does not like the beachside dorms because he feels it is harder to make friends there than at on campus dorms like Parkside and Hillside. He is a film major and is specifically interested in digital arts.

Kyle loves drawing as his primary pastime. He also loves playing video games and running. He used to run a lot in high school because he was on the track and cross country team. Now he does not run as much and misses it quite a bit.

An interesting fact about Kyle is that he has a unique way of preventing himself from getting mad or angry.When presented with a situation that makes Kyle mad he precedes to play out the situation in his head with British accents. For some reason this dissipates his anger immediately. Lastly, Kyle’s favorite movie is Pans Labyrinth, he has seen it dozens of times. IMG_2580


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