Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Digital Print

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West

Jennifer Chen is an Art major here at CSULB. She is in the graduate program and will be graduating this spring. Chen received an undergraduate degree in biology. She chose to go back to school again to develop her artistic side. Chen knew she had a passion in art and wanted to further explore it.

Chen executes all of her work in the medium of digital print. She first prints her desired photos on large sheets of paper. The sizes very according to different intensions. She feels the different sizes help exhibit the different perspectives one dance have on the work. The varying scale of the prints illustrates this difference in perspectives. Once Chen prints the pieces she performs a masking on the prints. After this she typically applies a gloss over everything to make the photo seem appear realistic. Chen uses photo shop to make the stencils for her pieces.

I found the meaning behind her work to be extremely captivating and unique. Chen titled her exhibit “succession”. She strives to depict in her pieces the effects that nature has to disturb landscapes, such as fire or floods. Chen is inspired by the ability landscapes have to change and heal over a period of time. Some of Chen’s work is also categorized as microscopic disturbances. She depicts close up’s such as altered tree bark to illustrate these more microscopic disturbances to a microcosm of a landscape.

Chen plans to continue exploring in her art work the effects of succession on both natural and urban landscapes. After graduating this spring Chen will be returning to CSULB to teach a course. The course is titles Art 270 and she is eager to fill the class and spread her interest and knowledge in art!




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