WK9- Moonbase Alpha- Frizallina Pizzalini

Frizallina Pizzalini is a chef by day and a superhero by night. Not only can she make the most mouth watering Pizza’s, but she can also eat the most astonishing amounts of pizza ever seen to man. During times of war on Moonbase Alpha she can also use her pizzas as a weapon of protection against destruction. She will protect any and all individuals who also praise Pizza. Frizallina Pizzalini is your very own Pizza Queen.


Frizallina’s best fiend is Aurora the Goddess from Netherland. Though they live far from each other Frizallina flies to the Netherland on her Pizza carpet to visit and hang out with her best friend. On special occasions Aurora will even let her borrow her awesome pink necklace! Aurora

In times of war and crisis General Scooter Perkins is Frizallina’s commander and chief. He can sometimes be a bit over bearing, constantly barking orders at her, but deep down he has truly good intentions. General Scooter Perkins

Frizzalina helped Ava to escape on her magic pizza carpet. Ava


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