Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Brianna Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merged  

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: Instagram @bri.joy

Brianna Joy displayed her art at Cal State Long Beach Gatov Gallery East gallery. Currently an undergraduate working towards her BFA in Art, Joy is excited to be graduating this year. Joy was born and raised in a small town she attended Orange Coast College before coming to Cal State. Her new life here has had a huge impact on her artwork. Her many other interests also feed her artwork such as sports and yoga. Joy values the authenticity of her peer relationships and thus choses to exhibit her art in unconventional ways. She does not have a website because she was not to genuinely explore the elements of life, particularly that contrast between small town and big city.

Joy’s work is considered printmaking and she typically enjoys working in black and white. She enjoys working in black and white because it challenges her to still express sentiments without the associations that color’s increase. She also values printmaking because of the many layers that it incorporates. Along with contrasting black and white, another theme of her work is contrasting the past and the present. The combination of all of these contrasts and juxtapositions makes for very interesting artwork.

Joys work thoroughly impressed me because of how successful she was in the vivid contrasts that she created. Not only were her pieces beautiful to look at but conveyed strong messages. I also appreciate how distinct and original her style of work is. She was able to bring together so many elements into one cohesive exhibition!12842511_1360371037322086_436753988_o (1)


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