Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Kristi Jensen in a student here at CSULB, who is about to graduate from the art department. Her art was exhibited in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Jensen’s exhibition pieces consisted primarily of jewelry and metal work. Her work can be viewed at Whipperton or follow her on Instagram Whipperton. 

 Jensen is about to graduate from CSULB and is interested in finding a way to create art for a living. She hopes to be able to incorporate what she has learned here at CSULB and use it to make money. Her work does not have consistent ideas it explores however she enjoys trying new things and making discovering through self teaching. 

She originally began as sculpture major, but soon came to find it was not a good fit.She absolutely loves to make pieces in the medium of metals. She is fascinated by its malleability. Her work generally does not have titles. Even in here exhibition at CSULB many of her titles were “untitled 1, 2…” and so on. This aspect of her work is one that she hopes to look further into and develop. Jensen would like to work on thinking about the whole process of her work in order to develop her ability in naming her pieces. Jensen has been working with metals now for 2 years. Each project takes approximately three weeks for her to completely. 

Jensen’s inspiration for metal work came from her grandfather whom she use to watch fix tv’s. She found the whole process enthralling and recurrently sees how it comes back into her work. Her work does not convey specific messages. She says part of why she enjoys metal work is because it is “badass to work with fire”. She is driven primarily by the process itself and not an external emotion or meaning. I see this expected incorporated into her pieces. I found it interesting that she expressed the fact that she rarely if ever, wears her own jewelry she makes, but absolutely loves the creative process.   




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