Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

17_1000February 11th 2016 Samuel Jernigan presented an exhibition of his work. The exhibition took place in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, in the CSULB School of Art. He works primarily in the medium of ceramics. To enjoy some of his incredible works, visit SamuelJernigan. Or his Instagram account Samuel_Jenri.

Samuel is part of the graduate program at CSULB. Samuel is originally from central California. He initially became involved in ceramics through a ceramics props and production company. Much of his art work is inspired by toys.

Samuel’s work has a childlike nature to it, because of the inspiration from toys. Like many toys, his work is colorful and rounded. Some of the pieces are sharper, such as the works inspired by toy shovels, but they still resonate with the audience in a childlike manner because of the way they are crafted.

The exhibition is placidly colorful. His work contains a maturity that is contrasted by the naive toys. Samuel explores the ideas of sophistication verses sentimentality. His unique choice to create work inspired by toys helps the audience transcend the observation process, and take him or her to a personal and almost nostalgic place.

Samuel’s work deeply resonated with me, however not in a conventional way. I attended a Waldorf School for all of my childhood. In this type of education toys are very unique. Rarely did I play with toys such as the ones Samuel used for inspiration. I typically played within my imagination or created my own toys from materials I gathered. In this way Samuel’s work reminded me of a childhood I knew little of, but I was still able to draw on the feelings of jealousy towards such toys, I experienced in my childhood.


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